Tow Legged Stallions

for Her Pleasure of Whipping

Apollo, her favorite steed

To ride a black slave, you should make it to take off its loincloth to strip it totally naked. Then put a specially made saddle on its shoulders, make it kneel down, and sit astride.
Unlike tamed ones, some newcomer lads are disobedient to their riders. To break such fellows we use a kind of bit. With it you can tame wild ones effortlessly. The device is a pair of stirrups fixed with fine chains, which are connected to a nose ring piercing through nasal septum. By this device a riding mistress gains firm control over her mount, because even a subtle movement of her feet on stirrups can pull its head down, causing it acute pain. But I don't use the device easily. It is more proper way of discipline to reform untamed ones little by little, accustom them to be mounted and make them our faithful mounts. I am a governess and prefer to the right way of discipline, as you know..

from "A Diary of Governess in Brazil", originally in German,
translated into Japanese by Numa Shozo,
retranslated into English by Old man Equine.



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