By Tonypony

Here I will express my thoughts and fantasies about women and their human horses.

First, I must say that I appreciate all forms of human horse play. The beautiful show horses, (who actually may be men or women), displaying their training and gaits under the watchful whip of their trainers. The cart or sulky horses, muscles straining to pull their burden, while their owners relax in their comfortable seat, lashing the pony to go faster, faster. I give great credit to those who enjoy these types of activities and participate in them, either privately, or publicly. Both of these forms of play have been around for centuries, and are well documented in magazines (EquusEroticus) and on other web sites around the world.

But this is my page, so it will be about my favorite style of human horse - the ones you can ride, and the women that ride them!

There is something special about a woman riding a human horse. Something very direct and erotic about her having this animal between her legs, and controlling it with her whip and spurs. She makes it walk, trot or gallop, setting the tempo of her stimulation, and forcing the beast to carry her on and on until she, the rider, is satisfied. But the relationship between a woman and her man-horse is not strictly that of Mistress and slave. The steed is generally more powerful than his rider and could, if he chose, throw her to the ground and escape, or possibly even harm her. He chooses not to, willingly giving up his power and control of his own body to serve her and bring her pleasure. And a woman's favorite horse is a pampered pet, receiving excellent feeding and grooming, kept in perfect health so that he may serve her long and often. Certainly, an equestrienne might abuse some nag that she might rent for a day, torturing it mercilessly with her spurs and casting it aside when it is spent without a second thought. But her own personal mount is worthy of her pride and care - perhaps even her love.

This is certainly not the only mind-set or feeling of everyone who enjoys human horseplay. Many Dommes ride their subs as part of their 'regular' BDSM play. The ride is very much Mistress/slave, simply one more way for her to humiliate and dominate her victim.

Some pony-play enthusiasts prefer a style of 'total horse immersion', where the human mount is treated exactly like a real horse - kept in a barn, fed coarse grain, cleaned with a hose and a brush and ridden naked (save for a little tack) across the fields and meadows of some secluded estate.

For others, the female is a Supreme Being, a Goddess whose feet are too divine to even touch the ground. She rides her various slaves and eunuchs merely as transportation - they are nothing but tools to get her to where she wants to go.

For me, human horseplay is a sexual 'game' - a highly erotic form of foreplay between a woman and a man as part of a loving relationship. He is not a real horse or simply a slave, he is her lover, and the game of playing horses is a special and exciting part of their sex life. He is a man who is secure and strong enough to give up control over his every movement in order to bring her the maximum pleasure, and her use of whip, reins, and spurs to enforce that control is a delicious symbol of that power that he has given up to her. It also should be said, despite what you may see and read on this site and elsewhere, that human horseplay should always be a game of mutual consent. It is a demanding physical activity, and should be enjoyed in the spirit of play and erotic fun between lovers, with respect and love.

Horseplay of this type has permeated human history since the beginnings of history itself, and one can find references to women riding human horses in nearly every culture and society that has ever existed. One of the more classic and famous examples is the redoubtable Phyllis, who turned Aristotle into her personal steed on many occasions, riding him amongst the chambers and gardens of the palace. Here was one of the finest minds of all the ages, the teacher of Alexander the Great, and perhaps the most revered man of his time, crawling on all fours while the lovely Phyllis laughed astride him, lashing him and reining him this way and that. It is a superb image of how a man of superior intelligence, who valued reason quite highly, could still abase himself and become a simple beast of burden to a lovely young woman - all in the name of love.

Catherine the Great is legendary in her exploits regarding her abuse of men under her power. Castrations, random executions, and torture of many types could befall any member of her guard without warning. She was a well-known and dominant rider of horses and men, and was even rumored to have expired while trying to commit a sexual act with one of her hooved mounts.

Cleopatra, also, was allegedly very fond of riding her various servants and guards, wearing her diaphanous silken robes. I have never found mention of her riding Marc Anthony, or ever using spurs or a whip on her human mounts, but certain special women are able to exercise great control over their steeds with bare heels and a sharp mind.

My attraction to horseplay is manyfold. When both rider and steed are naked - or nearly so - there is a wonderful, sweaty skin contact. You feel your rider's weight bearing down on you, her pelvis grinding erotically up and down your spine, her strong legs wrapped tightly around your torso, her spurs and whip urging you onward into rhythmic heights of pleasure, her feet perhaps even bumping and rubbing your erect member.... what's not to like? I also love the chivalrous nature of being a human horse. Much as a nobleman of old would lay down his expensive cloak so that a lady would not soil her shoes while crossing a muddy street, a human horse lays down his very muscle and sinew so that his love may have a pleasurable ride, committing all his strength and endurance to further her sexual stimulation. It is much the same in all aspects of sex for me - the man's purpose, his goal, is the woman's pleasure!

It is more difficult for me to understand the kind of woman who is attracted to riding men. How does she acquire or discover this dominant desire within her, and when does it start? Perhaps as a young girl, she finally received that cowgirl outfit she so desperately wanted as a Christmas present. She gleefully dons it and persuades her daddy to give her a ride around the tree. Digging in her toy spurs, she feels her father respond to her commands, feels the special love they share, and first experiences the thrill of a woman's power over a man. Perhaps an adolescent girl, during a 'chicken fight' with her friends at the local swimming pool, recognizes a certain warmth growing between her legs as she rides the shoulders of a classmate she has a secret crush on. Or a teenager at a concert, sitting on the shoulders of a friend until long after he begins to tire, realizing she likes making him carry her longer and longer. I only wish I knew what it is that creates the desire to ride a man-horse. Perhaps there could be a way to instill that desire in more and more women!

I absolutely adore it when women ride me with spurs, and ride me hard, making me go farther and faster than I thought I could, riding me for their own pleasure. And I love a womanfs beautiful bare feet! So if a woman wears her spurs on her bare feet, and makes me kiss and lick them before, after, or during the ride, Ifm in heaven!

Suffice it to say, whatever creates a man who loves to be ridden, and whatever creates a woman who loves to ride men, when the two get together and enjoy this wonderful sexual game - it's erotic magic!

If you are excited by the thought of women riding men like horses, if you have thoughts or fantasies youfd like to share, feel free to write me directly at

Happy Riding!

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