Physically, Tony and I have never met together.
We have talked, however, through mails.
"Interview" below is composed from our correspondences

(Oldman Equine) Thank you very much for your mails.
I think it wonderful that you and me, who live far apart from each other, can be bound by ties of friendship with mutual understandings through particular sexual fancy, isn't it?

(Tony Pony) I am deeply honored, grateful and excited that you have allowed me some space on your wonderful website.
This website has long been one of my favorites.
From the first time I saw the wonderful handcrafted images, I saw a vision of human horseplay that resonated strongly with me. Playful yet cruel and stern when it is needed, his equestriennes confidently know their place, controlling their steeds and demanding their utmost, through whip, spur, rein - and love.

(Oldman Equine) I'm quite flattered by your kind words.
Actually, it is me who have to express sincerest thanks as you have allowed me to post your wonderful documents to my site.
I'm in strong empathy with your "Philosophy of Human Horses".
And I am fascinated with the story of your "History as a Human Horse". Is it a real history of you? Or is it all fictional? Or, some parts of the document are real and others not?

(Tony Pony) It is all the true story of my life. Rachel, my rider in college, was a very good rider - she was small enough that her spurs landed on my sides instead of my thighs, and that always seemed more 'right' to me.
The document needs some updating, though. During the years 1996-2002 I was ridden repeatedly by an excellent rider. She was very into training and treating me like a horse, and eagerly strapped on some spurs when I just happened to leave them out for her to find.

I moved to Seattle in 2002, then from Seattle in 2005 to Miami, where I live today.

I have been ridden by a couple of women since I moved down to Florida, one in particular was 19 and smoking hot - she rode me twice, the second time in public at an equestrian center located in a wealthy section of town.

But I've not yet found my dream woman, one who would find some small fraction of the appeal I find in this little game we love.... I remain hopeful, and in the meantime I have many memories and fantasies and your excellent illustrations and stories, of course!

(Oldman Equine) I'm very envious of you as you have such exiting experiences.
And you kindly sent me several wonderful pictures of you, too. In what situation were these pictures taken? Who were the people shown in the pictures?

(Tony Pony) The pictures were taken at various fetish parties in Florida over the last 3 years or so, with some of the riders I've had - I'm still looking for someone more local to South Florida.

(Oldman Equine) I am also interested in your harness; bit and reins, stirrups with straps.
Did you buy them? Or did you make them by yourself?

(Tony Pony) My riding gear I put together myself.

The stirrup strap is made of actual horse tack, an English style girth strap across my back, with real stirrups and stirrup leathers. It's designed so that if she puts more weight in the stirrups it actually pulls the straps tighter across my chest and back. It gives her a nice place to put her feet, which greatly adds to her comfort and stability during the ride. But it also permits lots of wonderful skin contact between the rider and her steed, which can be very sensual!

The bridle I designed and built myself using supplies and tools from a normal leather hobby store. It has a plastic covered metal bit, which is thin enough for me to close my mouth around. The design of the bridle spreads the force from the reins across the throatlatch and browband, which are the parts of the bridle that go around my neck and forehead. That lessens the chance of damage to my teeth and mouth if my rider yanks hard on the reins.

(Oldman Equine) Do you have any message to readers of this web site?

(Tony Pony) Relax. Have fun! Recapture that sense of fun, of play. You might be surprised how great it feels to play horsey with the one you love.. and of course if you have any questions or stories about human horses and the women who love them, please donft hesitate to write!

My mail address is;

Pleas see below a few of my favorite pictures.

(Oldman Equine)Thank you, Tony Pony. I hope you enjoy happy pony life!

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