By Tonypony

My first realization that I loved being a human horse to women came at the tender age of 8 or 9. I remember going to visit my female cousins and playing horsey with them for hours and hours. Occasionally I rode, but usually I was the steed. They had a pair of plastic spurs from an old 'Marvel the Mustang' play set, and whoever the rider was would strap them on their heels and ride their horsey round and round the house. One of my older cousins couldn't fit the spurs over her shoes, so she put them on her bare feet and mounted my back. She was bigger, so I struggled to carry her, but she dug her spurs into my sides over and over, so I had to obey as best I could. She even rode me up the stairs to the second floor, spurring constantly all the way up and saying "Faster, faster! Giddyap!" After she did this, I was nearly exhausted, but all the younger cousins wanted to ride me up the stairs, too - using the spurs, of course. One of them even picked up a wooden coat hanger from a closet and whipped me with it.

As an aside, I've noticed that they're selling "Marvel the Mustangs' again after a long absence from the market but alas - the spurs are no longer part of the set. :-(

As a teenager, I was a popular baby-sitter. The parents all liked me because I was clean-cut and responsible, the kids all liked me because I was a great horsey! Some of them would jump on me as soon as Mom and Dad left and ride me all night long. They liked that I wasn't a docile nag, plodding along wherever they wanted. I was a wild pony, and they had to dominate and train me if they wanted to ride me. The ones that got into it, I'd bring along some belts that we could use as reins and a whip, and even bought a pair of toy Western spurs (metal ones, this time) that they could use to 'break the bronco' and force me to carry them as far and as fast as they wanted. Although both boys and girls rode me, the girls always seemed more into it. They tended to be harsher with the reins, whip and spurs, and they wanted to ride more often and for much longer periods of time, often inventing elaborate stories and horse shows that I would be forced to carry them through after they had tamed me.

Since I started dating, nearly all my girlfriends have ridden me. Some liked it more than others, but the best and most enthusiastic was a girl I dated in college - I'll call her Rachel. We discovered our love for pony play early in our relationship, and she rode me many times, both public and private. Our first ride began as an innocent study date with another couple, but turned into a series of human horse races!

It was late in the semester and Rachel and I were in the lobby of the theater building late at night. (I had keys, since I worked at the college radio station in the building) We were working on a class project with another couple, Becky and Doug. We had been at it for hours and we were ready for a study break - something to wake us up. Being the kinky fool that I am, I suggested some pony races and to my delight, Rachel and Becky enthusiastically agreed!
We cleared a path and Doug & I got down on all fours. Becky mounted Doug and Rachel literally jumped on my back, digging her bare heels in my sides. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Better go fast, or I might have to whip you," and we were off. I crawled to the end of the lobby as fast as I could go, Rachel glued to my back, her thighs clamped hard on my ribcage. Around the turn we went, then back across the finish line. In the home stretch Rachel took one hand off my shoulder and slapped my ass several times, and we won the race handily.

Rachel was flushed with excitement (as was I!) and decided to have a victory lap! She rode me now with her knees down, urging me forward with her heels and her crotch, waving her hands in the air in triumph. As we finished our lap Becky complained that the race wasn't fair, that I was obviously a better horse than Doug was. Rachel said, "All right - let's trade horses and race again."

So now Rachel was on Doug, and Becky turned to climb on my back. She was a theater major and quite beautiful, but not as petite as Rachel. I could feel the extra weight as she mounted me, pressing against my spine. I do remember she had beautiful feet - I looked down between my arms just in time to see them kick twice into my stomach to start the second race. Doug jumped out to an early lead, under the somewhat lighter rider. Becky and I found our rhythm quickly, and we were neck and neck around the turn. I could see Rachel from the corner of my eye, bent low on Doug's back, whipping his flank as she had mine, eyes ablaze with excitement and - could that be an erotic flush on her cheek?

At any rate, it seems Becky liked to kick her horse, and her heels thumped into me constantly as we headed to the line. The kicking worked, and we finished just barely ahead of Rachel and the now exhausted Doug. Naturally, Becky took a victory lap as well - she had her legs wrapped completely around me, squeezing so tight I could barely breathe. Rachel remained astride Doug and when Becky and I finished, Rachel said, "How about one more, for a tie breaker?" "Okay," Becky said, "But I get to ride Tony - he's the best horse!"

"Tony's my horse - I'm gonna ride him," Rachel asserted, and at this point Doug complained about his knees hurting, and how he didn't want to do this anymore. "How are your knees? Are you okay for another lap?" Rachel asked me. "I'm fine," I said. "Okay then," says Rachel, " we'll both ride you!" I could barely wipe the silly grin from my face as Rachel climbed astride me behind Becky. The two barefoot coeds were quite a load, but I was definitely 'up' to the task! Rachel tried to kick me with her heels, but she got Becky's shins instead. "Ouch!" said Becky, "That's not gonna work. Let's delegate - I'll steer and kick, and you smack him in the butt if he slows down, okay?" "Got it!" Rachel said gleefully, slapping my hip and adding "Giddyap, horsie!" Becky kicked me into a slow walk, and I carried my two little riders on a lap of the lobby, which Becky made even longer by steering me in big circles and figure eights with her hands in my hair.

My God, what an erotic moment that was for me! Two beautiful barefoot equestriennes pressing against my back, urging me forward, whispering in my ear what a good horse I was - I remember it like it happened yesterday...... I could feel the heat of them through their jeans and the T-shirt I had on....... I could have gone on forever.

As it turned out, though Becky never rode me again, Rachel and I were just beginning our equestrian adventures. In fact, she rode me again that very night.......

In the wee hours, after the project was finished, the four of us had gone into the college theater itself, and I had hot wired the stage lift to get us down to the basement and into the prop room. We played various kinds of dress-up, necked a little bit, then Rachel went back onto the lift to go upstairs. Doug and Becky had left, and after I started the lift on is slow journey upstairs, I raced up the backstage access stairs to see if I could beat the lift to the stage level. I knelt at the edge of the lift opening, and when Rachel rose out of the stage pit, I uttered a line I had read in a magazine:

"Your stallion is prepared, Madame."

"Good!" Rachel said, climbing on my back, "I feel like a long ride in the country today." Her bare heels kicked at my sides, and she rode me off stage left and into the audience area. Negotiating the stairs down from the stage was a bit tricky, but she gripped my ribs tightly with her dancer's legs, locking her feet together underneath me and leaned way back over my hips, and we made is down to floor level without mishap.

Once among the seats, though, Rachel wanted to pick up the pace. "Giddyap, horsie, faster!" She was kicking harder now, having seen how well I responded to Becky's heels in the second race. The theater was huge, over five hundred seats, with a gentle slope up to the rear of the room. She rode me hard all the way up to the back, then pulled my hair and steered me into the wide aisle behind the rearmost row of seats. "Let's see how fast you can go - Giddyap!" Digging in her heels, Rachel leaned low over my neck and I sprinted across the theater, carrying my tiny dancer as quickly as I could. The distance was much greater than the lobby we had raced in before, and I couldn't keep full speed all the way, regardless of how much Rachel prodded me with her constant kicks and slaps on my side and ass. When we reached the other side of the row of seats, a tug on my hair told me my rider wanted to stop. I was pretty happy to obey, as I was pretty wiped out and needed to catch a breath. Rachel patted my side and told me what a great horse I was, and I could feel the contact between her ass and my back, warm and sweaty through our clothes. I let my spine sag a little, forming a slight dip under Rachel's crotch, and she sighed and leaned into it, rubbing her sex against my back as she scissored me with her strong legs.

After a moment, she sat up and kicked me into motion again, riding me slowly back down towards the stage. Once there she reined me around and, feeling I had rested enough, slapped my ass repeatedly, squeezing her thighs tight and drumming her bare feet into my gut. I was prepared for this, and took off up the theater at full speed, controlling my breathing to extend my endurance.
We galloped and trotted around that darkened theater for nearly an hour. Rachel rode well, methodically testing my speed and strength, finding out what I was capable of with her on my back. She also tested herself, to see what forms of 'encouragement' she could give - and how strenuously - without endangering her seat. When I had to rest, she would make me arch my back as she rocked atop me. She even rode me out the exit door and back and forth across the huge theater lobby with its floor-to-ceiling windows. It was late at night so no one was looking, but the feeling of being on a ride in public was one that would be a part of our riding many more times to come.

She'd jump on me piggyback style when we were going across campus, or ride my shoulders at football games or concerts. We got a real thrill out of her using subtle pressures, squeezing her thighs, surreptitiously pulling on my hair for reins, small sharp kicks - ways to control and dominate me that no one could see. One time she rode me (on all fours) the entire length of the football field, to see how long it would take. It was two o'clock in the morning, and we thought we were alone, but as she rode me into the end zone after our hundred-yard gallop, we heard someone clapping! It was a security guard, who scolded us and sent us away. We got naked and she rode me some more as soon as we got back to the dorm, but we never knew how long the guard had been watching.....

Our favorite rides, though, were in private, on all fours, and nearly naked. Rachel loved riding wearing nothing but her spurs and a pair of silk panties (she called them her 'jockey silks'). I loved the spurs on her beautiful bare feet - ever since the first time those Marvel the Mustang plastic rowels bit into my sides when I was 8 or 9, I have always viewed spurs as the ultimate symbol of control of the rider over her horse.

Rachel was fortunate to have a private dorm room, and it was just big enough to accommodate our riding activities. As our relationship grew, we shared our riding fantasies and told of the experiences that got us interested in pony play. Rachel's' older sister had forced her to be her pony when they were kids, and rode her against her will. So riding me made Rachel feel quite powerful and sexy. I had told Rachel about my early riding experiences and fantasies, particularly this one Yogi Bear cartoon where a kid rides the hell out of Yogi. Imagine my joy when Rachel got turned on by the scenario and said she wanted to re-enact it!

As usual, I was naked except for kneepads. Rachel wore only a pair of light silken panties. She sat on the bed and fashioned a lasso out of a piece of rope, then lassoed me around my neck and mounted my back. She only weighed 90 pounds or so, so I barely felt her till her strong legs clamped around my sides. With a cluck of her tongue and a light kick from her bare heels, we were off. I ambled along for a few minutes until Rachel grew dissatisfied with the pace. She twirled the loose end of the lasso around a few times, the cracked it hard across my hip. I began to gallop, my tiny rider clinging tightly to my back, whipping me once again to ensure my top speed. I ran the length of the room before she yanked back hard on the lasso around my neck, choking me to an abrupt halt. No sooner had I recovered from the sudden stop than she brought the rope down -SMACK- on my side, and we began to gallop again. But the run was short lived, and I felt her pulling me to another sliding stop.

She maintained excellent balance, leaning back as she pulled on the choking lasso, then forwards as she whipped me to top speed again and again. The room was small, but the treatment she was giving me made it seem enormous - full speed, stop, full speed, and stop - over and over again. I could tell she was really enjoying her power and control over me - I could feel her heat through the thin panties against the muscles of my back. I had a raging hardon, and her bare feet would bump and rub against it as she locked her legs around me. We kept it up for a long time, my tiny rider commanding me without words, and always the crack of the whip followed by the chokehold of the lasso.

Finally, I grew tired and collapsed on the floor, Rachel still astride me. She sat there for a moment, then got up and went to her dresser. I lay on the floor, sweaty, panting, heart pounding - because I knew what was coming next. I had given Rachel a pair of spurs a week earlier. They were cheap metal toys from a child's Wild West gun and holster set, with blunted rowels about 2" in diameter, but they were the right size to fit on Rachel's bare feet, and she wore them with glee. She loved the jingle they made, the same jingle I heard now as she put them on and approached me. I lay motionless on the floor as she plopped down on my back and gathered up her choke rein. She first held her legs out in front of my face, so I could see the spurs on her beautiful feet, heel chain tight across her instep, rowels glinting in the dimly lit room. Then she brought her heels down hard, driving the spurs into my sides, and I exploded into motion, nearly unseating her. I ran headlong across the room, and as soon as Rachel recovered her balance, she kicked the spurs into me twice more, then pulled back on the choke rein with all her might. I slid to a stop, only to feel the spurs digging into my sides again, harder than before. She kicked twice to get me moving, then twice more when I was already galloping. In this painful and enthusiastic manner we continued the ride. I would put forth my best effort, muscles straining and sweat pouring in my eyes, as my little equestrienne rode me harder and harder. Every time I was running full out, she yanked me to a stop. Every time I stopped, the spurs bit into my sides, commanding another gallop.

After an eternity of this treatment, Rachel reined me into a walk, then halted me. Her panties were soaking wet (only partly due to my perspiration) and she dismounted and sat on her bed, using the choke rein to pull my face into her crotch. I removed her panties with my teeth, carefully working them around the spurs on her feet, then dove in and lapped at her sex like the thirsty steed I was. She lay back, and as her climax approached, she dug her spurs into my ass and my back and whipped me once or twice in the throes of passion. After she climaxed, I waited while she recovered, then I was rewarded. She pushed me back on all fours, mounted me and roughly dug her spurs into me, whipping me with the rope until I was galloping again! She rode for another fifteen minutes or so, with the same harsh stop and go style, then allowed me to slow to a walk. She slid her spurs down my stomach until the rowels touched my cock and balls. Being very careful, she gently dug the spurs into my groin, clamping my raging boner between her feet. I could feel the spurs in my crotch; heel chains scraping lightly up and down my prick as she masturbated me with her feet. I didn't take long till I was arching and bucking in ecstasy, spewing loads of cum as Rachel clung to my back, whipping and spurring her passion pony!

We had many other riding sessions, but that one always stood out as one of my very favorites.

Later in life, I had the good fortune to be dating a girl named Cindy who loved boots. One Christmas I bought her some eboot jewelryf, a popular fashion accessory at that time. They were tiny golden metal spurs, which attached to the boots with light chains. One evening shortly thereafter, I suggested something different for foreplay, and she agreed (much to my delight) to try some horseplay. I shortened the chains so her spurs would fit on her bare feet, and she grabbed two leather belts from her closet. One she jammed in my teeth to use as reins, the other she folded in two for a whip. She had a cowgirl hat that she put on, and she mounted my naked back and kicked me with her spurs and said gGiddyap!h She rode me down the long hallway, whipping and spurring me, giggling and laughing, into her bathroom. There she reined me around and spurred me all the way back to her bedroom. Cindy dismounted and sat on the bed, and I nuzzled my head between her legs and licked her to orgasm. Then she pulled me up and into her, and I thrust eagerly to an orgasm of my own, accentuated by her spurs digging into my ass and her whip across my back!

Ever after that, we had a little signal. Whenever I went to her house and found her golden spurs hanging on the bedpost, Ifd strip naked and get on all fours and my beautiful girlfriend would take me on another erotic ride!

Happy Riding!

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