Commander of Amazonian Army

Womensf army of Amazonia, who had conquered Emor, selected large built men among prisoners and trained them to be used as war-horses, which were called eEmoran Horsesf.
With these human horses, Amazonian army defeated hostile city-states one by one, to liberate females who were oppressed by patriarchy. In street fighting at ancient city-states, two legged horses which could be maneuvered with ease in alleys were much more practical than four legged huge animals.

Well trained Emoran horses could perceive what their mistresses intended by subtle movement of thighs which squeezed their cheeks.
Spurred by their dominators, Emoran horses charged desperately. Many were killed by arrows and swards of foes, others were ridden down to death by their dominas. Emoran horses were brainwashed into believing that to die with their faces held between thighs of their mistresses was the most glorious death.

All the Emoran men of large build were picked up to be used as horses for Amazonian women. They were treated as expendables. Most of them met glorious death in action. As a result, big Emoran males were nearly exterminated. The genetic factor to make men big were extinct among them.
That is why men of Emor region are of rather smaller stature.

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