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Hi! I am Sayeko (or Sa'eko).
Born in 1946, 56 years old.

I was rather reckless in my younger days. I went over to Mexico and US with four of my Japanese slaves, to start new bussiness; rent-a-slave. I rented my good-looking slaves to wealthy leisured women at $300.00 per day. It was not cheap at that days. If I remember correctly, it was in 1968, the year of Mexican Olympiad.

There I enjoyed myself.
I enjoyed slave hunting in LA where I stayed after the Olympic Games. I found that the country of the Statue of Liberty had many men who wanted to be enslaved. I had no trouble in slave hunting. The games themselves came to me, saying "Hunt me! Hunt me!"
Many rich gentlemen including movie celebrities came to me one after another to beg to be enslaved, posturing themselves before my shapely legs.
You may think it cheeky of me to call my own legs 'shapely'. But my legs actually became legend. A famous movie producer, who called himself as ea slave of legs of women or a servant of high heels' and had a succeeded factory of high-fashion heels, fell in love with my legs at first sight. He made a pair of special heels for me. Beside it, I met a lot of thrilling hppenings in the States, including a case of marder.
Mr.Kajiyama Toshiyuki, a popular writer of the day in Japan, wrote a novel out of my adventures. The novel was published in 1969 and reprinted in 1990 under the title of gOtoko-wo-kauh or gKeep Menh. If you are interested in me, read it. I hope you are lucky enough to find and read that out-of-print book written in Japanese.

Today I show you some pictures in my youth.
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He is Uozumi Aquira. He was a handsome boy, and was a popular hairdrsser. I hunted him in a bar and took him into my room (pretty large one) in a hotel, to train him to be my slave.
After I made him naked, I commanded him to crawl on hands and knees like a dog.
When he had crawled round the room several times, I told him gStop!h and sat astride him.
He was wobbly when I rode on his back, for he was such a slightly-built man.
Swaying my hips, I ordered him gGo ahead!h and rode him around in the room.

gI felt to be humiliated by you, Sayekoh
He told me later.
gA terrible humiliation nobody shall see.
But, odd to myself, I did not get angry to you.
Rather, I felt like to keep on being ridden by you.
It was a strange feeling.
It leaded me to a sensual ecstasy to think that I was humiliated by a beautiful woman like you.
When I think of it now, I got an awaking to masochism at that time.
Physically, I had a hard time. Soft as well as elastic flesh of your voluptous backside weighed down on my back. I desperately struggled to prevent myself from collapsing under you.
He continued with a little blush on his face.
gWhen your rounded backside swayed on my back, I felt the vibration of the flesh something like custered pudding. How pleasant it was! It made me sexually excited.h

He is Ku'nugi Kohichiro. I got him soon after I hunted Aquira. Being a movie star, mainly for action films, Ku'nugi had good looks and a robust physique.
Though it is fun to tease skinny young pony like Aquira, sturdy stallion like Ku'nugi gives yonung women real pleasure of man-back riding. You can enjoy riding it for long time, whipping its powerful rump.

I took this picture in the night I got him. I took photos like this to ensure myself aginst his betrayal.
Actually, I knew that I didn't have to do it. He would never betray me. Because my slave No.1, whom I had gotten befor I got Aquira, was the president of his company !

In this picture he seems really bashfully, isn't he? It's quite a matter of course. For a proud movie star it was nothing but bashfull to be stripped to the skin, getting down on all fours, and to force to support the buttocks of a young woman.
But to me he looked even more lovely and sexy than usual, with his bashfull appearance as he made all-out efforts to suppresses his embarrassment, flushing with shame.

As we were alone in a locked room, there was every possibility that he would assault me.
"Have sex with a woman by any manner, and she will be yours"
That's stupid men's way of thinking.
But there was no need for me to be afraid of his outrage, because he could not rape me if he wished.
You'll get the answer when you see the next picture.

You see something glittering golden covers the under part of my body ?
What do you think it is ?
This is the chastity belt that protected my virginity against men.
It was made of gold 18 karats fine, studded with jewels.
Of course its key was holded by me.
I declared that I would sell the key for a hundred thousand dollars in those days.
You ask if the declaration has come true? I don't answer to silly questins.

At the start I sat astride his bare back with my clothes on.
It was only natural that I wore my clothes and he wore nothing, because he was my slave horse and I was his mistress. Have you seen any horse wearing clothes? And should the mistress be kind enough for her slave to undress herself to please him?
The only things he wore were a collar around his neck and a towel on his back. The later was as a precaution lest the lather dirtied my dress.

click click
As I kept on manback riding, my body became moist with sweat. Then I would take my clothes off to get cool.
It is neither immodest nor undignified for a mistress to get undressed in her slave's sight. She doesn't have to show any modesty nor constraint toward her slave.
As I had no dress to be dirtied, the towel was took away from his back. Then I could enjoy almost skin to skin contact through a light garment.
From a room to another, I rode my horse around to my heart's content.

Though a tough stallion he was, he got worn out as I drove him so hard. But I wouldn't release him. However exhausted he might be, he still had to serve me as long as I demanded him. He had to learn it. This was what I meant by "train a slave".
I put Ku'nugi through the mill to make him a good slave, petting the muscular buttocks of my lovely pet with whip.

(Writings of this page was composed aftergOtoko-wo-kauh or gKeep Menh orgSayeko, a Mistress of Slavesh, a novel by the late Mr. Kajiyama,Toshiyuki)

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