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見て、見て! ほら、歩く時も胸を張って、姿勢を崩さないでしょう?ここまで仕込むのには、結構苦労したわ。肉体的な鍛練だけじゃなく、精神面でもね。

実は、この老いぼれ馬、私が ”PONYBOY CLUB” で調教の成果を披露したい、”月刊PONYBOY”の撮影もしたいわって言ったら、なんて答えたと思う?


目隠しさせているのも、ひとつには、馬公が顔を見られるのを恥ずかしがって、とてもイヤがるからなの。”PONYBOY CLUB”の方は同じ嗜好の人たちの集まりだからいいとしても、雑誌は誰が見るかわからないからマズイんですって。

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He holds his head high even when he walks, as you see.
He looks proud,doesn't he?
I had much trouble to train this old mount of mine up to this point. Not just the matter of physical strength. Rather, problem was in his mental weakness.

When I suggested him for our performance in the "PONYBOY CLUB" and for getting our photos taken for the "PONYBOY" magazine, his answer was unbelievable:
"No. I am ashamed playing horse in the presence of others"

a s h a m e d ?!

Is it acceptable that he refused the demand of his mistress because of his shame, when she was to be photographed in this silly funny bunny costume with stupid smile?   NO,NEVER!!
I was offended with his answer, but I knew better than blowing my top.
I said to him
"OK. I will look for younger stalliom." 
 With this, he gave his reluctant consent.

Nothing is more ungraceful than to mount a self-conscious ponyboy, who looks to be riden unwillingly.
He always says
"I feel to be much proud and am happy to be riden and controled by a beautiful young woman like you",
only when we are alone.
I trained him to get rid of his shyness so that he could be a human mount with a proud look even in the presence of others, to show them his feeling toward me.

One of reasons for the blinder is also out of his shyness. He said he had to mask his face to conceal his identity.

To make him a good mount, I have to keep on training him to get rid of his shyness perfrctly. If he calls himself my mount, he must give me a ride wherever and whenever I demand him. With nothing on, of course; does a horse wear clothes ?

<i hope that my Mistress does not agree with her. /Old Man Equine>

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