the Conqueroress

Napoleona crossing the Albs

Napoleona Bonaparta was one of the greatest heroines of huwoman history. She distinguished herself in the confusion of the Femdom Revolution of Franka.

Napoleona got an established position as an able commander by her outstanding achievements in anti- Emor war.
The first modern femdom regime founded in Franka threatened other countries surrounding her. Feeling a grave menace to their male-dominated regime, they organized an army for counterrevolution. Their most active leader was Emor, a neighboring country south to Franka.

As you know, ancient Emor, which was conquest by Womensf army of Amazonian, thrived as the Femdom Empire.....for a while.
But femdomism at that time was not founded on social scientific theory. So, Ancient Femdom Empire of Emor was soon broken down and replaced by commonplace male-dominated society.

The Revolutionary Government of Franka appointed Napoleona to the commander of the army to fight back counterrevolutionary invation force. Unimaginable it may be from her young age and cute features, Napoleona was well known as a woman of daring action, having a weakness for mass slaughter of the enemy. On the other hand, she was able to convert men to femdomism skillfully. Any man, however macho he might be, found it very hard to resist her when she smiled a sweet smile at him.

Topographically, the Albs separated Franka and Emor. The Emorian Army, being stationed at the foot of the mountains in their realm, skirted around the Albs to invade Franka. So Napoleona, daring as she was, made an operational plan to cross the mountains to attack the enemy from behind.

Weapons, provisions and other munitions were to be carried by male soldiers who were enslaved as a result of the femdom revolution. The question was the mounts which were to carry Napoleona and her female officers. They had to ride fast among men-soldiers, to give men command as well as to spur them.

Horses were no good for the task. Being animals adapted to the environment of the plain, they were not built to be mounted on steep paths nor to run over rocks of the mountains.

An officer suggested an idea of human equines. According her idea, selected men with the strongest build and faithful nature were to be trained as two-legged horses. Those elite soldiers were to be stripped naked, put saddles on their neck, to be mounted and whipped by their noble mistress.
After taken into consideration, the idea was rejected because naked men would soon get frostbitten in highlands.

Napoleona had other idea. A woman of genius as she was, her idea was very novel. She turned her eyes to what nobody had ever paid attention to. Centaurs. After they had been driven away from their original habitat in Thessaly, a region of ancient Greece, some Centaurs took refuge in the highland of the Albs. They could run on steep slopes and edges of cliffs as freely as goats.@And they were so lustful by nature, they could easily tamed by beautiful women like Napoleona.

The centaur who was tamed and trained by Napoleona was named Hentai No.1.
He was doomed to live as her mount for the rest of his days, his body being under the butt of his beautiful mistress, his butt being slashed by his cruel domina.
And they lived happily ever after.

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