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Pony Play Mate of this month is Jane Oakley.
She is a man-tamer, who reigns over wild men with her reins !

Her picture is on the cover of the latest issue of "Femdom West", an informative pictorial magazine on untold customs of the West where women have been extremely respected.

Jane is a beautiful championess of the man-back rodeo.
She belongs to Lioness Class of the game with magnificient, perfectly-proportioned body of 5'10"(178cm) , 125 lb (57kg).

"I have nothing to do with skinny horses."
She says to the writer of this magazine with her smiling face.
" 'cause bullying the weak is not my line.
The real pleasure of man back rodeo is to tame unruly rough stallions.
I play against tough opponents only; those powerful machos who can run about wildly with me on their back"

Man back rodeo is the most popular amusement in femdom West.
In this rough sport, a woman mounts a man who is on his hands and knees. He is no 'ponyboy' who is pleased to be dominated by women. On the contrary, he is a wild fellow who has no respect to the fair sex at all.
Once the game makes a start, the man struggles hard to spill his rider.

If the woman can keep on riding on his back for a settled time, or if she rides him down and makes his elbow touch the ground, she wins the game.
In case the man has both of his heels touch the ground, it makes a foul for him, so he loses the game in this case too.
The defeated man, who is thus broken and conquered by his rider, has to serve her as her slave for a year.

Conversely, if the woman is thrown off in the time, she loses the game and is to be in the possession of the man for a week.

That is, conquer the opponent, or you are conquered.

Women who try to tame wild, arrogant men to teach them that they are born to protect, worship, and serve womankind.
Tough fellows who try to put proud women's nose out of joint and make the prety babes their own.
Honor of women and pride of men crashes on the ground of the man back rodeo.

Jane playing with one of her well trained slaves.

"I prefer a bare back to a saddle except in the rodeo.
It is great to feel the powerful nacked back of a man between my thighs."

Defeating a man in a rodeo and getting him as her slave is just begining for a winning woman. He is still wild in mind and has rebellious spirit against his mistress. He is just raw material to be made into a good slave.
So she has to break him in with her ropes and whips, to teach him pleasure of submission to his mistress. In other words, she masochisates him.

After the obedience training or "masochisation", enslaved men adore and worship their mistresses. As the result, many of them choose to remain being slaves of their mistress even after his term of slavery is expired.

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If you are a stylish woman in the West, you wish keep your boots shining brightly.
Women of the West know how to use their slaves for the purpose. They found that each of those men equips a set of boot brushes on his face as well as a polishing cloth in his mouth.

The latest style in boots polishing is to dye brushes and pile of the boot holder, to make boot look attractive when it is being polished.
Ladies have their slaves do this service in the public, to show off their favorite boots as well as their femdom-oriented life style.
In bars and restaurants you will see many men who have dyed their beard, mustachios, and whiskers in pink, blue, green or other colors kneeling down at feet of ladies, devoting themselves to their honorable service.