The Women's Liberation Army

Bai Lian Ling riding on a captive J State's officer whom she tamed.
Winter 1935

Bai Lian Ling subsequently rose to be the Chairman of Female Superiority Republic of Zhonghua. This picture depicts her as a gallant young leader of Femdom Revolution of Zhonghua.
As was usual among the leaders of the Red Army, or the Women's Liberation Army,
Bai was keen on taming, educating and enlightening captured officers and men of hostile troops.
Those prisoners, who were products of male-dominated society, clung to the old, unenlightened philosophy that men were supreme to women.
She skillfully converted them, often using her charm, to accept female superiority over the men; or, more precisely, taught them the joy of serving a woman devotedly as her subordinate.

"Male back riding" was a method devised by Bai and spread among the Red Army as an effective means to train prisoners.
In this method, the prisoner was to be turned into a horse; a saddle was put on his back, a pit in his mouth and his wrists were chained to a special three-wheeler. Then a female of the Red Army sat astride on his back and ride him around at her will.
This training was given to converted prisoners, who had already learned the joy of being obedient to women.

Converted prisoners were, officers and men alike, thrown into the forefront as privates under the command of the Red Army officers, all of whom were women.

Bai's method, which trained re-educated prisoners to be obedient unconditionally to whip and reins of their equestriennes, was considered to be effective to cultivate obedience and loyalty of prisoners-turned-into-privates to their new ruler, the women (mental effect).
More over, the training was useful to built their bodies up as well as to improve their endurance, making them excellent soldiers who devoted themselves to the woman (physical effect).
In other words, her method was considered to be effective to make men excellent soldiers, who were obedient to the woman in command faithfully like her dog, going happily into the jaws of death by her command.

Bai Lian Ling made it daily routine to visit the prison camp early in the morning to choose a prisoner for her horse of the day, and have a ride before breakfast.
It is said that she did it without fail, even in winter mornings.

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