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*Anonymous (20/01/2002)
*Satori (23/01/2002)

Name: Anonymous (female, U.S.A)
Date: 20 Jan. 2002
Your site is amazing !! Erotic without being crude or smutty.
The illustrations are quite lovely. You have brought ponyplay to a high art.
<alas> I only wish I could read Japanese.

Anonymous, a female manback rider, U.S.A
Dear Ms.Anonymous:
Thank you very much for your kind letter , and for your very generous compliments on this site.
I am most grateful for your commenting on the site as "Erotic without being crude or smutty", because that is exactly what this site intends to.
It is a great honor to receive a letter from a female manback rider like you.

<Old Man Equine>
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Name: Satori (male,Germany)
Date: 23 Jan. 2002
I am impressed by your fetish. Do you have more pictures or stories ?

Dear Satori:
Thank you very much for your writing to this site.
Yes, I have much more pictures.  But, sorry, I have them only in my mind, so other persons can not see them at the moment.  I am now making some of them visible.  I will show them in my site in the future........ in the near future, I hope.
<Old Man Equine>

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Name: Damenpferd (male,Germany)  mail:
Date: 6 Feb. 2002

dear oldmanequine,
Dear Damenpferd:
Thank you very much for your e-mail.
I have arleady visited your cool site "The Human Horse for the Lady"
several times , and added it to the link page of mine.
But I didn't know that you have another site in Yahoo club.
I visited it soon after I received your mail.
There I found many people enjoy shoulder riding!
Thank you again for your kind invitation.

<Old Man Equine>

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Name: pr_squared (male,U.S.A)
Date: 12 Sept. 2003


I like your site. Your images have erotic tension without being crude or vulgar.

I've got several human equine stories and graphics on my Female cannibal site - the Complete P : .

You'll have to attest to your age and request a free - no credit card - password.

You might like my illustrated stories - The Beasts, Omphale's Folly, and the Hope. I have a text story "Lucky" also on theme.

I enjoy your illustrations. PLease let me know what you think of mine.

Dear Pr_squared:

Thank you very much for your mail.

I am grateful for your introducing the site Borderline.
I saw and read your illustrated stories there.
Women, riding on their male horses, hunt men for meat;
this is a fantasy I have not indulged before, and I like it.
I guess you devoted much time to depict all the scenes of the stories.
I hope you keep going to create attractive stories with wonderful illustrations to entertain us.

<Old Man Equine>

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Name: Mr.Horse(male,Thailand)
Date: May7. 2004
Dear Old Man:

I really enjoy your website. I live in Bangkok Thailand and would like to meet a riding mistress there. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

Please keep up the good work!!


Mr Horse

Dear Mr. Horse

Thank you for your mail.
It is one of the most pleasant things for me to get mails from people sharing the same interest like you.
As for riding mistress in Thailand, I regret to say that I have no idea.
But I guess some visitors to this website may have.

<Old Man Equine>

  To any person who knows something about riding mistress in Thailand;
  Please write to this site, to inform Mr.Horse about it.

  <Old Man Equine>

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